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BARC looks at the future of planning

Reading Time: 2 Minutes 28.09.2021

Study emphasises the importance of integration and automation

BARC (Business Application Research Center) has released a new study on the modernisation of corporate management. The leading European consulting firm for business software examines the contribution that modern planning and forecasting can make, and provides substantiated recommendations for action. Technical integration and the automation of data management play a key role. More than 400 decision-makers, analysts, advisers and managers from companies of various sizes in various sectors around the world took part in the independent study The Future of Planning from May to June 2021.

“The BARC study shows the measures that are necessary if we are to meet the challenges of our increasingly dynamic world,” emphasises Sven Baade, Chief Product Officer of CP Corporate Planning AG (CP). “Up-to-date information is essential for substantiated decisions. Planning and forecasting can only contribute to agile corporate management if partial operational plans are better integrated and data flows are more highly automated. No technology is better suited to this than Corporate Planning Software.“

It takes a lot of work and time to collect data from various systems. Corporate Planning Software has more than 300 standard integrations with more than 150 source systems which complete this task in an automated process. It provides maximal security, maximal timeliness of the data and maximal transparency by drilling down to the document level. This form of intelligent and efficient data management earned CP first place in The Planning Survey 21 three times for its predefined connectors.

The current BARC study recommends that companies meet changing requirements with comprehensive modernisation. From the results of the survey and their extensive consultancy experience, the consulting firm has formulated an action plan with specific recommendations encompassing technical, methodical and organisational measures. Only in this way can companies make use of the great potential of predictive planning and forecasting and raise their planning process to the next level.

You can download the new BARC study The Future of Planning free of charge HERE.

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