Operational management

    Corporate Planner OC depicts the structures and use cases specific to your business, adapting flexibly to every new situation.

    Our software solution comes with more than 300 business administration functions to help you steer your business in the right direction. In addition to top-down and bottom-up planning methods, you have a wide range of simulations and scenario analyses as well as automatic forecasting, target-value calculations and various predictive planning approaches from which to choose. If you wish, you can have all your detailed operational budgets automatically included in the integrated financial plan.

    Your advantages:

    • Flexible modeling of company-specific structures and use cases
    • Smooth data import thanks to a seamless connection to all common source systems
    • Over 300 business logic functions for business planning
    • Modern visualization of all available data
    • User-oriented IBCS reporting with individual rights management


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    Analysen für das operative Controlling


    For a detailed evaluation of your data, you can use a wide range of analysis functions such as a variance analysis, Pareto analysis, break-even analysis, drill-down analysis, key ratio analysis or graphic analyses. Compare your figures in a chart and visualise your findings. All analyses are dynamic and can be adjusted and extended as desired. You might, for instance, vary the objects on display, the underlying data streams, the time spans or the presentation format.

    Multidimensional analysis in the solutions by Qlik

    Multidimensional analysis in the solutions by Qlik

    With an integration to the Qlik Sense and QlikView data discovery software, all the plan data in the solutions by Corporate Planning are made available for multidimensional analysis.


    Customised reports for every decision-maker

    With the help of a variety of report templates, you can set up a reporting system that is geared to its users. Each line manager, head of department or chief executive receives the information intended for him exactly when he needs it. The report templates need only be defined once and are then always ready to use. The values are adjusted automatically.

    Integrierte Finanz- und Erfolgsplanung

    Integrated financial planning

    When sales patterns change, future investments have to be planned, or customer or supplier payment profiles are altered, all these decisions have complex effects on the P&L as well as the financial plan and the budgeted balance sheet. With Corporate Planner Finance you can transfer all your budgets from operational management directly to your integrated financial planning. The financial plan, balance sheet, source and application of funds and P&L are linked together dynamically. 


    Liquidity management

    Clear financial bottlenecks in good time and invest surplus funds for maximum return. Corporate Planner Cash helps you to optimise the management of your finances on a daily basis and to put your company’s financial resources to the best possible use. Our solution for liquidity management is your tool for analysing liquidity, for identifying measures for short-term cash management, for automatically optimising cash discounts and interest, for monitoring debtors and creditors, for optimising cash flows and for cash pooling.


    Corporate Planner Dashboard for communicating with decision-makers

    Managers require the key facts and figures at a glance without delay. The dashboard presents all your company data in a variety of graphics. A single click takes you straight to the underlying details in the system. You benefit from the displays of specific details, integrated early-warning systems, a customised layout, and secure access through the rights management system.


    Multi-user Excel environment

    Those who have been using Excel for years need not relinquish this familiar environment. With the Excel Client, you can carry on analysing and reporting in Microsoft Excel. The values are linked to the source data in the Corporate Planning software. The continuous updates and direct access to the data source make your work much easier and cut errors to a minimum. The figures are always up to date and all those involved can easily keep track of things. Several users can work in the same Excel sheet at once, which makes Excel multi-user capable.


    Seamlessly connected to your system environment

    Our integrations build reliable connections between any pre-systems – ERP systems, software for financial and cost accounting, and the payroll processing software used in human resource management, for instance – and the Corporate Planning software.

    Corporate Performance Management Software at Work

    What do the Corporate Planning software solutions achieve in practice? – Nobody's better placed to tell us than the companies working with it every day.
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