Liquidity Management

    Corporate Planner Cash is the solution for controlling cash flows and optimising interest.

    Get the most out of your financial resources

    With the support of Corporate Planner Cash you can clear financial bottlenecks. The solution provides you with a daily survey of all cash flows into and out of your accounts. If a liquidity shortfall lies ahead, you will receive recommendations for transferring money. Similarly, Corporate Planner Cash brings liquidity surpluses to light and advises you on the accounts where you can invest these at the best interest rate. Our solution assists you with your liquidity planning.

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    Cash-Pooling zur Liquiditätssicherung

    Cash pooling to safeguard solvency

    With Corporate Planner Cash you keep track of your open items. In cash pooling, the solution puts forward recommendations on optimising interest and cash discounts – either for individual companies or for the group as a whole. Thanks to its integrations to pre-systems, the solution automatically imports all data of relevance to liquidity management.

    Forderungsmanagement etablieren

    Establishing debtor management

    The software provides information on your debtors’ payment histories. If desired, Corporate Planner Cash will also calculate the expected date of a payment. This allows you to reduce your bad debts and gives you a clear picture of your company’s liquidity.

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