Trading Companies

    The Corporate Planning software lets you keep your eyes on your key performance indicators.

    To succeed in fast-moving markets, commercial enterprises need to sift out the essential information from vast amounts of data and analyse it effectively. Answers to business questions are required on an ad-hoc basis and from the relevant perspective. The Corporate Planning software is the solution which lets you plan on any aggregation level. Create detailed sales analyses along with operational cost centre budgets and the integrated financial plan.


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    Multidimensionale Planung

    Multidimensional planning

    Consider a variety of scenarios and analyse your data in terms of any dimensions you choose, for instance, by location, sales representative, distribution channel, customer, product, product group, article or brand. In Corporate Planner Sales, you can depict heterogeneous planning structures and get answers to sales questions such as “Who is selling what to whom?” in a matter of seconds.

    Rollierende Planung für Händler

    Rolling budgets for distributors

    The Corporate Planning software enables you to prepare all the data you need for a rolling budget automatically. The solution contains planning functions such as top-down planning, bottom-up planning or a combination of both methods, price and quantity planning models, and a carry-forward feature with which you spread your plan data over the subsequent years.

    Handelsdaten fließen in die Finanzplanung ein

    Commercial data included in the financial plan

    Benefit from an integrated flow of data. Your data in the operational plan in Corporate Planner can be used in the financial plan straight away. Your budgeted balance sheets and cash flow plans are prepared automatically.


    A clear overview in multichannel marketing

    Beside brick-and-mortar retail, trading companies distribute their goods through many different channels: their own online shops, trading platforms, television, social media or mobile apps. Keep track of all your key performance indicators in this complex multichannel marketing strategy and plan your trading revenue and cost items such as sales, discounts, returns, cost of goods sold, advertising costs, distribution costs and shipping costs for each of your distribution channels.


    Connected to pre-systems

    Include data from your financial accounting or materials management systems effortlessly in your plan. With an integration module, the Corporate Planning software blends seamlessly into your existing system environment and ensures the smooth import of all data.

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