In Corporate Planner Cons you can quickly and easily prepare your consolidated financial statements for audit.

    With our software solution for management and legal consolidation in companies that are structured in groups, you always have a clear overview of your group companies with all their subsidiaries. A workflow
    guides the user step by step through the entire consolidation process. With its built-in business logic, Corporate Planner Cons checks the plausibility of your input and generates the lists of your consolidation postings automatically. An audit trail logs all the parameters of relevance to the group, thereby providing
    additional reliability.

    Your advantages:

    • Workflow guidance for audit-ready consolidation
    • Certified according to recognized audit standards
    • Information delivered on demand thanks to fast close
    • Parallel accounting according to local GAAP and IAS/IFRS
    • Seamless connection to financial planning

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    Fast close for information on demand

    Increase external stakeholder confidence in your business. Consolidated financial statements prepared during the course of the year put you in a position to deliver information on demand and to respond quickly to new situations. With our software for consolidation, you can produce your financial statements quickly and to a high standard of quality.


    Auditable consolidated financial statements

    Get your documents ready for audit quickly. Our solution is built on business administration expertise with which you generate your lists of postings automatically. In addition, an optional audit trail keeps a record of all the changes made in rights management. Our consolidation software has been certified according to audit standards.


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    For close parental relationships. With Corporate Planner Cons, you keep track of all your subsidiaries and produce your consolidated financial statements in a systematic, transparent and auditable procedure.

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    The bridge to financial planning

    Create a successful team with your colleagues in integrated financial planning. Our solutions for consolidation and financial planning are fully integrated.


    Seamlessly connected to your system environment

    Our integrations build reliable connections between any pre-systems – ERP systems, software for financial and cost accounting, and the payroll processing software used in human resource management, for instance – and the Corporate Planning software.

    Corporate Performance Management Software at Work

    What do the Corporate Planning software solutions achieve in practice? – Nobody's better placed to tell us than the companies working with it every day.
    Here's an overview of some of our customers' impressions.