New requirements in the IT department

    IT specialists are being confronted these days with the ever-increasing complexity of their IT environments. Keeping the systems running smoothly, carrying out maintenance tasks, making sure compliance guidelines are observed, and guaranteeing a high level of availability with reduced downtime are just some of the numerous challenges faced by a modern IT department.

    Your advantages

    • Security for your data
      with Active Directory policies.
    • Benefit from your experience
      Our specialists will provide you with your cloud environment.
    • Reduce your IT costs
      We'll look after the provisioning of resources and infrastructure for you.
    • Scale your cloud usage
      Stay flexible with our cloud services even as your requirements change.

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    Corporate Planning Cloud: just log in and start straight away

    Our software solution in the cloud is the comprehensive package for your corporate performance management and in-house IT. As a user, you can simply log in and start working straight away. At the same time, you save valuable IT resources: we’ll take care of the administration, infrastructure maintenance, software updates and data backups.


    Maximum availability for your software

    Benefit from always being able to use the latest version of your Corporate Planning solution. Thanks to our continuous service, you minimise maintenance down time and work efficiently – no matter what operating system you may be using.



    The scalable solution

    Our cloud solution is completely flexible in adapting to your requirements. You can extend the function range as you wish, add more users, or increase memory capacity and processing power. You can change over even more quickly and you need only pay for the service required in your current project. Instead of capital expenditure, you will have monthly operating costs.


    Data security: based on Microsoft Azure

    You decide on the physical storage location for your data. It is entirely up to you whether your data are to be stored in the Trusted Cloud in Germany or in another EU country. Microsoft Azure is the professional platform on which we provide you with our cloud service.

    Security based on Microsoft technology

    With decades of experience as a software producer and as the operator of one of the world's largest online services, Microsoft provides the best security technologies. Corporate Planning counts on Azure, the cloud technology by Microsoft.


    Security for you data

    with Active Directory policies, configuration and integration.



    Encrypted communication with HTTPS/SSL. 


    Protection from malware

    Antivirus software for cloud services and virtual machines.


    Intrusion detection

    Prevention of DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks.


    Secure connections for virtual machines

    Azure Virtual Network can extend your local network in the cloud with site-to-site VPN.


    Environmental sustainability

    Microsoft data centres are carbon neutral.

    Microsoft Azure meets more standards and certification requirements regarding information security, data protection and quality management than any other cloud provider