Transport and Logistics

    Create your own costing sheets that take account of all the influencing factors in your supply chain with Corporate Planner for Transport and Logistics.

    Respond to shifts in the market

    An accurate cost estimation is the basis on which hauliers and logisticians prepare profitable quotations. With the Corporate Planning solution, you can optimise the processes in your value chain – from the budgeting through the integrated financial plan to the consolidated financial statement. Our corporate performance management software helps you to monitor all the parameters that affect the bottom line. Plan investments, identify variances and respond with a targeted approach. Thanks to the software's clear tree structure, you can intervene when there are undesirable developments and hold your own in dynamic markets.


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    Kostenoptimierung mit Corporate Planner

    Cost optimisation with Corporate Planner

    The Corporate Planning software solution fits seamlessly into your existing system environment. All your pre-systems are connected through integrations, so you can calculate the key performance indicators you need for assessing your current situation. On that basis, you can set up a flexible process management system which will enable you to analyse fuel tank data, calculate average costs per kilometre, and compare the planned and actual distance driven. Even complex warehousing cost calculations are clearly modelled.

    Von Volumenkalkulation bis Tarifberechnung

    From volume costing to tariff calculation

    Which tariff is used, and how often? How do your costs per consignment vary as volumes or warehousing charges change or suppliers adjust their prices? What effect will this have on your balance sheet and P&L? Using Corporate Planner for Transport and Logistics, it is easy to recalculate your profit when your margins have shifted and to offer attractive tariffs to your customers.

    Qualitätssicherung für Spediteure

    Quality assurance for hauliers

    Avoid financial penalties by producing standard delivery schedules and ensuring punctuality. You can record your quality metrics in our software and, in a clear calculation, work out the average transit time per order and how often goods are delivered late, as well as calculating claims for damaged goods.

    Realtime-Überblick für alle Geschäftsbereiche

    Real-time overview of all business areas

    Real-time overview of all business areas With Corporate Planner for Transport and Logistics, you can always retrieve all the essential information independently of your your pre-systems, identify variances quickly and, thanks to key performance indicators, be ready to respond. Make targeted decisions regarding quality, time and costs in your supply chain.

    Corporate Performance Management Software at Work

    What do the Corporate Planning software solutions achieve in practice? – Nobody's better placed to tell us than the companies working with it every day.
    Here's an overview of some of our customers' impressions.

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