Corporate Planning

We provide solutions for operational and strategic management, integrated financial planning and consolidation. Our solutions arrange business data into a hierarchy. This is how the human brain thinks: starting from one point, our thoughts branch out into ever greater detail – which is also precisely how trees grow. We have modelled ourselves on the natural world, developing our software according to a simple principle: the architecture of the tree.

Businesses are like living organisms. Within their surroundings they must constantly change – in size, shape and appearance. To do so they need sound structures that can adapt while also forming a sturdy backbone. A business with its fundamental purpose and objectives forms the roots and trunk. The tree structure adapts to the growth of internal business processes. It can branch out in any direction, giving the business momentum. A single point of truth ensures reliability and transparency. Each piece of information occurs only once and can be retrieved at any time from any point in the tree.

We have been following this principle for more than 30 years. In this way, we strengthen businesses on an ongoing basis and prepare them for the challenges ahead. Give us a call and we'll show you how much certainty our solution can bring to your business. Let us discover how your decision-making can benefit from our flexibility. Follow the principle of the natural world.