Briloner Leuchten

    About Briloner Leuchten 

    Experience, flexibility and trust – that's what Briloner Leuchten has stood for for over 40 years. The company offers its customers an extensive range of high-tech luminaires. Light brings inspiration, boosts concentration, enhances the atmosphere and conveys energy and emotion, which is why Briloner Leuchten stands for design-driven, high-quality, technologically advanced luminaires for everyone. Since moving to the Enste district of Meschede in 2023, the company headquarters and logistics centre have been reunited in one building complex. About 260 experienced employees with a passion for new lighting ideas work there, led by second-generation manager Wolf Hustadt. Briloner Leuchten, a typical Sauerland hidden champion, is one of the leading providers in the market. 

    Briloner Leuchten

    Industry: Trade

    Sites: Meschede (Germany)

    Employees: 260

    Solution(s): Operational Management

    "The Corporate Planning OC module is to be the key piece in the jigsaw puzzle that puts us in a strong competitive position as a company. We're expecting it to provide us with detailed insight into the cost structures and revenue streams of our processes as well as timely variance analyses. When we were implementing a new ERP system, it became clear that we needed a specialist for these requirements, and we're optimistic that we've found that specialist in Corporate Planning." 

    Christian Riegler M.Sc., Team Lead, Corporate Performance Management