Discover new opportunities and possibilities in your data

    Qlik provides you with a powerful analysis platform for looking at your company from every perspective. With flexible access to all your business data in one place, you will gain key advantages in your daily tasks.

    Qlik uses modern HTML5 technology to place your data at your disposal in your interactive dashboards wherever you are and whenever you need it – on your mobile, your tablet or your desktop computer. Qlik combines external and internal data sources so that you can keep an eye on everything. At the same time, you are always in complete control. With data governance, you can be sure that the information will only reach the designated persons. With Qlik you establish data-driven decision-making processes throughout your business.

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    Analytics mit Qlik Sense

    Analytics with Qlik Sense

    Qlik Sense combines many years of experience with the latest in modern technology. In your analyses you can include data from conventional databases as well as from online portals. The intuitive self-service login and the guidance from Collaboration enable you to use all the possibilities of data analytics without any previous knowledge and to widen your perspective.

    Qlik Web Connectors

    Qlik Web Connectors

    Look at your marketing expenses on different online platforms in a single, overall view in order to get the full picture of your investments. With the Qlik Web Connectors you can quickly and easily compare your actual conversion rates with your budget. Use Web Connectors to connect your online data with your business figures – and interpret the results of your marketing campaigns at a glance.


    Free Qlik Health Check

    Do some of your apps keep you waiting longer than others? Do you wish they would respond more quickly and use fewer resources? Put our Qlik experts to work on any one of your apps. We’ll arrange a remote session to look behind the scenes and check your data models, scripts and formulae.

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    Qlik NPrinting – Reporting 2.0

    With the NPrinting add-on you will cut the time and effort required for reporting to a minimum. The distribution of static reports enables you to bring everyone in your business up to the desired level of information. Your report users benefit from the full potential of Qlik in familiar output formats such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF, etc.

    Qlik GeoAnalytics

    Qlik GeoAnalytics

    With Qlik GeoAnalytics and Qlik Sense you can get a bird’s eye view of large data sets displayed on a map. You can use standard maps or base your analyses on, for instance, the layout plans of your properties or logistics centres. The automated creation of GeoPoints guarantees a fast and smooth implementation.

    Qlik View – Die bewährte Sicht

    Qlik View – The tried and tested view

    Qlik View gives you a panoramic view of your business or your division. Versatile, field-tested mechanisms enable you to analyse your data freely and to discover new perspectives on which to base your decisions. The solution brings together data from a variety of sources, shows you how it’s all related, and allows you to make cross-departmental decisions.

    Corporate Performance Management Software at Work

    What do the Corporate Planning software solutions achieve in practice? – Nobody's better placed to tell us than the companies working with it every day.
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