Comprehensive Corporate Performance Management Solutions for the Housing and Real Estate Industry

    Manage your construction and modernization projects and your real estate portfolios transparently with Corporate Planner for Housing and Real Estate.

    The rapid developments in construction costs, costs of capital, rent potential and legal frameworks are bringing new opportunities and new risks in equal measure. It's therefore all the more important for companies in the housing and real estate industry to make projections of these developments and to display and compare different scenarios for their own business.

    • Use your existing plans and actual values for automated projections and forecasts
    • Integrate your balance sheet, P&L and liquidity planning
    • Clearly visualize variances from your budget
    • Create informative reports with just a few mouse clicks
    • Report flexibly to external and in-house audiences

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    Corporate performance management solutions


    for housing stock management

    • Management of existing stock
    • New build projects
    • Modernization projects

    for project development and building contractor business

    • Planning
    • Construction
    • Sale

    for services

    • Third-party rent management
    • Homeowners' association management
    • Daywork

    Integrations for Efficient Management

    Our all-in solution merges data from different sources and delivers integrated simulation models and informative reports. From transparent data analysis to scenarios and targeted reports, it provides you with everything that decision-makers need. That's how modern business management works.


    Standardized Construction Cost Planning in Scenarios

    Manage your construction projects with foresight – in your construction cost plan you can display economic units in a DIN 276 Building Costs structure or an adaptation of it. Thanks to the automatic connection of all construction projects with the balance sheet, P&L and cash flow statement, you can see their effects on your company or group and run through scenarios using "What if…?" analyses.

    Energy efficient renovation to comply with energy-saving standards

    In many places, housing stock is ageing and beginning to fall into disrepair. Since 2014, energy saving regulations in Germany have been setting high standards for the energy-saving modernisation of buildings – for existing stock as well as for new build. Insulation and the upgrading of heating systems are major investments. Corporate Planner for Real Estate shows how external factors affect a budget. By means of continuous monitoring of the project costs, you keep track of how your liquidity is set to develop over time.


    Seamlessly connected to your system environment

    Our integrations build reliable connections between any pre-systems – ERP systems, software for financial and cost accounting, and the payroll processing software used in human resource management, for instance – and the Corporate Planning software. Once configured, the integrations automatically import all the current data you need for your corporate performance management tasks. You can import your data from Microsoft Excel, text file formats such as *.csv, *.txt or *.xml, or through the direct relational database link. Whenever values change in any of the connected pre-systems, our integrations can retrieve them automatically.

    Corporate Performance Management Software at Work

    What do the Corporate Planning software solutions achieve in practice? – Nobody's better placed to tell us than the companies working with it every day. Here's an overview of some of our customers' impressions.

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