Hamburger Hochbahn AG

    What was your starting point?

    The previous Excel solution that we’d designed ourselves was too imprecise, high-maintenance and error-prone for our financial controllers. That’s why we were looking for a corporate performance management tool that integrated every aspect of the company – i.e. the P&L, balance sheet, cash flow statement and cost accounting – and modelled them all in one software solution.

    What were your highlights?

    With Corporate Planner, we succeeded in harmonizing our structures and processes – particularly in planning and reporting – as we involved all stakeholders and centralized everything in one software solution. Thanks to the SAP interface, Corporate Planner enables us to work with the latest figures whenever we like. The integration of all the data for the P&L, balance sheet, cash flow statement and reporting is a major advantage for us, especially when it comes to planning.

    What lessons have you learned?

    With individual companies and processes intelligently modelled, Corporate Planner considerably speeds up and simplifies the planning and reporting processes. It also guarantees the accuracy and integrity of the data. Financial controllers are then free to focus on analysis and business administration tasks.

    About Hamburger Hochbahn AG

    Driving Hamburg forward 365 days a year, to approximately 1,400 bus stops and 93 Underground stations. Every day, about 1.2 million people travel on 118 routes on the environmentally friendly HOCHBAHN public transport system. Its motivation is to make this beautiful city even more pleasant to live in. That’s why HOCHBAHN is now aiming for zero – the company is on track to be carbon-neutral by 2030. HOCHBAHN has already switched to purchasing zero-emission buses only. In the U5 construction project, a new Underground line is being built across Hamburg to provide even more new connections.
    HOCHBAHN has been leading the way in Hamburg ever since 1911. With smart and sustainable mobility, the company will continue to bring people together – as it always has done. That’s what over 6000 HOCHBAHN employees stand for.
    Hamburger Hochbahn AG

    Industry: Transport and logistics

    Sites: Hamburg (Germany)


    Employees: 6074

    Solution(s): Finance Management, Operational Controlling

    "Corporate Planner ensures data consistency throughout the company and gives financial controllers the freedom to focus on tasks beyond data processing."

    Roberto Noreikat
    Investment Manager