Gübau Service GmbH

    What was your starting point?

    Previously, we distributed the analyses from the individual source systems to the decision-makers on paper printouts. We had to compile summaries and comprehensive analyses manually.

    What were your highlights?

    We find planning at cost centre level and then transferring the plan to Corporate Planner Finance and Corporate Planner Cons particularly useful. It means that once we’ve finished the plan at contribution margin analysis level, we can get everything done quickly, from the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statement to the consolidated financial statements.

    What lessons have you learned?

    By planning and structuring our financial processes thoroughly to start with, we can then work efficiently and save time while remaining flexible.


    About Gübau Service GmbH

    Gübau is one of the companies with a long-standing tradition in the German market. Founded in 1948 as a freight forwarding and transport business, since the 1990s Gübau has been developing the portfolio at its sites into a modern logistics service. Its services range from in-house logistics at the customer’s plant with production and line supply to one-stop logistic solutions in modern warehousing space for national and international supply chains. Its own IT-driven warehouse management, which takes every requirement into account, ensures the high quality of the processes.
    Gübau Service GmbH

    Industry: Transport and logistics

    Sites: Wolfsburg (Germany)

    Employees: 250

    Solution(s): Finance Management, Operational Controlling

    „Corporate Planner allows us to consolidate the data from diverse source systems into one reporting and analysis system. Numerous members of staff can use these evaluations in the Web Client whenever they wish to make their assessment with the latest daily figures.“

    Thomas Krützfeldt
    Commercial Director