2 days

     9:00am - 5:00pm




    Corporate Planner Dashboard

    Multidimensional analyses and visualisations make KPIs easier to interpret. Our Qlik experts will show you how to create data models and design user interfaces.


    You will gain skills in combining data from various sources on the Corporate Planner dashboard, in logically linking the data and in making adjustments as required. The training course covers the loading of data from Corporate Planner OC and Corporate Planner Finance to the Corporate Planner dashboard and building a data model with an optimised structure. You will define and interpret relevant KPIs and create an interactive dashboard with informative visualisations.

    Training Topics

    • Prerequisites, data structures and connecting Corporate Planner OC
    • Prerequisites, data structures and connecting Corporate Planner Finance
    • Creating the data model
    • Synthetic keys and circular references
    • Sorting and conditions
    • Creating a dashboard
    • User interface and handling
    • Chart types and objects
    • Aggregations
    • Variables
    • Selection formulae
    • Loading XLSX files and databases

    Experience: Beginner

    Target group : Users with experience in working with Corporate Planner who would like to use the Corporate Planner dashboard (Analytics by Qlik®) for multidimensional analyses and visualisations.

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