3 days

     9:00am - 5:00pm


    CP-Cons | Compact

    Whether it's to comply with legislation or to manage your group without the effects of intercompany trading: producing a set of consolidated financial statements for statutory reporting purposes is a procedure that is as complex as it is necessary.


    You will obtain a compact overview of Corporate Planner Cons and learn how to produce a set of consolidated financial statements in the solution. The training will convey an efficient consolidation process and guide you through your financial statements. Our experts will look at the peculiarities of selected consolidation steps and provide useful advice from their work as consultants.

    Training Topics

    • The Corporate Planner Cons function range
    • Initial configuration of the Corporate Planner Cons solution
    • Preparing the consolidated financial statements in Corporate Planner Finance
    • Relevant methods of eliminating intercompany investments
    • Initial and subsequent consolidation
    • Elimination of intercompany liabilities
    • Elimination of intercompany expenses and income
    • Deferred taxes
    • Currency translation
    • Adjustments to group accounting policy
    • Discontinued consolidation
    • Successive share purchases
    • Analyses
    • Statistical details

    Experience: Beginner

    Target group : Users of the Corporate Planner Cons solution