3 days

     9:00am - 5:00pm


    CP-Finance | Basics plus Reporting

    Corporate Planner Finance

    Profitability and liquidity are regarded as the key perspectives in business management. In the integrated financial plan, we bring these two worlds together and visualise the relationship between cause and effect.


    You will learn how to depict an integrated financial plan, including cost centres, for a company, as well as how to present your Corporate Planner Finance data in a reporting system that is geared to the users.

    Training Topics

    • Introduction to the Financial Planning Process
    • Creating charts of accounts, classifications and companies
    • Importing actual data from the financial accounts
    • Calculating the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow
    • Structural units (cost centres and cost units)
    • Planning on company and structural unit level
    • Planning with parameters
    • Expense and income planning
    • Fixed asset and credit planning
    • Transferring the planning data from operational budgets
    • Provisions and deferred items
    • Creating KPIs
    • Analyses in the planning table
    • Report types in the planning table
    • Organisational reporting for individual companies, subgroups, groups and cost centres
    • Creating individual reports
    • Designing the report layout
    • Calculations within reports
    • Reports with multiple column sets
    • Using report templates
    • Printing and exporting report groups
    • Controlling Report with Microsoft Word

    Experience: Beginner

    Target group : Corporate Planner Finance Designers who would like to create an integrated P&L, balance sheet and cash flow plan as well as an informative reporting system.

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