3 days

     9:00am - 5:00pm


    CP-OC | Advanced plus Reporting

    Corporate Planner OC

    The rapid building and maintenance of structures and attractive reports play an important part in corporate performance management. In three days, you will refresh and hone your skills in building structures, importing data, planning, analysis and reporting.


    In new case studies on the topics of branch management and fleet management, you will build on your skills in using the master-client method, complex formulae and global parameters, and receive an introduction to the Web Client for planning and analysis. On the third day you will design the layout of sophisticated reports and make them available to users in the Web Client.

    Training Topics

    • Importing structures and values
    • Using filters and adjusting sources automatically
    • Creating, validating and using master trees for building and updating your model
    • The summary function
    • Checking the structure with the table Report
    • Individual and global parameters
    • Complex formulae and key ratios
    • Planning objects
    • The Adjust Structure function for integrated planning models
    • Understanding and routine in relation to import and the master-client method
    • Analysis and planning in the full client and in the Web Client
    • Timeline view, column view and stream view
    • Designing the report layout
    • Column reports and segment reports
    • Calculations within reports
    • Reports with multiple column sets
    • The master report
    • The public/private concept (dedicated sharing of reports and planning input masks)
    • Controlling Report with Microsoft Word

    Experience: Intermediate

    Target group : Corporate Planner OC Designers who have a working knowledge which they would like to refresh and deepen with several case studies.

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