DRH Deutsche Rohstoff Handelsgesellschaft mbH

    Three Questions for Beatrice Bartels

    What was your starting point? 
    Before we introduced the CP software, we always did our operational management and financial planning separately and combined the results manually at the end. This was extremely time-consuming and also incredibly prone to errors. 

    What are your highlights? 
    The customizable reports, which combine financial planning and operational performance management as well as our cost accounting, and which can be retrieved on demand, are an absolute highlight. They have enabled us to make many of our corporate performance management processes much faster. The financial planning functionality is also a huge benefit. No matter where you add or make changes to the data, these changes are automatically transferred to all the relevant structures, so you can see the effects straight away. This comes in particularly useful during the budgeting process. 

    What lessons have you learned? 
    In the process of building the structures, it became clear to us just how much time can be saved by software-based corporate performance management. In particular, the process of building our own structure in the program with the help of CP has also shown us how complex it actually is to model a company in its entirety. 


    About DRH Deutsche Rohstoff Handelsgesellschaft mbH 
    DRH is a medium-sized private company in the business of recyclable raw materials, secondary scrap and used metals. With its many years of experience, the company sees its role as being the link between scrap metal producers and recyclers and can thus draw upon a global network of customers and suppliers to source materials of the required quality for the production needs of its clients, while guaranteeing that the distribution channel for the scrap metal products is as environmentally friendly as possible. DRH offers comprehensive disposal solutions to its local customers in the greater Hanover area with in-house metal processing and its metal and scrap disposal facility. These solutions include the sorting of fine and coarse mixed metallic fractions into pure fractions for industrial use. By processing the raw materials in house and selling directly to smelters and industrial customers, the company ensures that these resources are returned sustainably to the circular economy.       





    DRH Deutsche Rohstoff Handelsgesellschaft mbH

    Industry: Disposal and recycling

    Sites: Springe (Germany)

    Employees: 31

    Solution(s): Financial Planning, Consolidation, Cost Management, Operational Management


    "We chose the Corporate Planning software because of its consistent presentation of our financial data as well as its versatility. The major benefit for us is being able to combine company information from different upstream systems and analyse it all together. This saves us a lot of manual work and gives us access to the data we need whenever we need it." 

    Beatrice Bartels, CEO 


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