KVG Lippe mbH

    What was your starting point?
    Before we introduced the Corporate Planning software, we used Excel sheets to collect data. This involved a large amount of manual work and was also prone to error.
    What are your highlights?
    With the tree structure and the timeline, we can access our data flexibly, and with the time slider we can very easily compare time spans with one another. Quick and extensive evaluations are possible, as are standardized reports.

    Partner Company: 
    W&K Controlling
    Heidturmweg 76
    33100 Paderborn

    Michael Sprenger
    +49 5251 8707080

    KVG Lippe mbH

    Industry: Transport and logistics

    Sites: Detmold (North Rhine-Westphalia)

    Employees: 24

    Solution(s): Operational Management, HR Management

    "With Corporate Planner we can record all our data in a custom-built structure and make quick and flexible evaluations."
    Stefanie Justus