Investments Management

    With Corporate Planner OC you can plan profitable investments while keeping track of your loans.

    Corporate Planner OC is the solution that prepares you for best-case scenarios and for worst-case scenarios alike.

    Your advantages:

    • In the software, you can depict all your investment milestones and integrate your investment planning with your financial planning automatically.
    • You can rapidly run through several different scenarios.
    • You can focus on identifying which investments are worthwhile and whether the business can afford to make them – and, if so, whether an outright purchase would pay off, or whether a leasing arrangement might be more suitable.


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    Kreditmanagement mit Corporate Planner OC

    Credit management with Corporate Planner OC

    In our software, you can set up your loans easily. Once you have entered the repayment method and schedule, the system calculates the interest and net amounts payable. This gives you added confidence for your liquidity planning. Thanks to the seamless connection to integrated financial planning, the items in the budgeted balance sheet and P&L and the cash flow plans are already calculated. In Corporate Planner OC you can also deal with complex lending and borrowing arrangements within a group.

    Reports werden zu Entscheidungsgrundlagen

    Reports form the basis for decisions

    Corporate Planner OC provides you with an overview of all your investments and loans. Our solution assists you in planning for single entities as well as for entire groups. Corporate Planner OC clearly indicates when an investment will have fully depreciated and whether you should consider making a replacement investment. You can have all the necessary documentation ready for decision-makers, supervisory boards and committees or for the annual financial statement at short notice and at regular intervals.

    Verknüpfen Sie Investitionscontrolling und Finanzcontrolling

    Link investment planning and financial planning

    The Corporate Planner OC and Corporate Planner Finance solutions are fully integrated, so all your investment planning data and planned loans can be automatically transferred to your integrated financial planning.

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