Bundesforschungs- und Ausbildungszentrum für Wald

What was your starting point?

With increasing demands being placed on our financial controllers, we were looking for a new solution for our operational planning and our medium-term budgeting. The software needed to be suitable for displaying and providing an overview of our income and expenditure and also for enabling us to plan our projects.

What were your highlights?

We’re involved in a great many scientific projects. Corporate Planner enables us to plan our projects and to keep track of our organization’s budgetary situation at all times.
Bundesforschungs- und Ausbildungszentrum für Wald

Industry: Agriculture and forestry

Sites: Vienna (Austria)

Employees: 333

Solution(s): Finance Management, Operational Controlling

"With the Corporate Planning software, we can plan flexibly and keep track of our organization's budgetary situation at all times."

Elfriede Kletzl

Head of Corporate Performance Management and Finance

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