Cost planning with Corporate Planner OC

    With Corporate Planner OC you can obtain a clear overview of what makes up your financial resources. Identify cost drivers and optimise cost structures.


    With the comprehensive planning functions of the software, you can plan any cost centres you like. Manufacturing businesses calculate their capacities or determine how much personnel, material, time and other expenses are required for maintaining operations. The scenario comparison with our software shows you precisely what can be expected to deliver a profit. Should certain divisions be outsourced, or would it make more sense for them to remain in house? Would it pay to manufacture the goods abroad, or will a factory have to be closed? Would it be more worthwhile to launch a new product or a new service?

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    Kostenfaktoren aufspüren mit Kostencontrolling

    Track down the cost factors

    See what’s eating into your profits. With Corporate Planner OC, you can make your cost accounting transparent and rapidly work out the contribution margins of products, services and customers. You can quickly pinpoint where to intervene in order to achieve a better result. For instance, by calculating the prime costs of products on the basis of reliable data, you could optimise your cost structures.

    Entwicklungen erkennen und Erfolge reporten

    Identify developments and report results

    Corporate Planner OC contains analysis functions such as the ABC analysis and the variance analysis. You can use these to create clear rankings of cost factors or to compare the current figures with those of the previous year. The analysis findings show you which of your measures are most effective. You design your reports individually in terms of cost types, cost type groups or cost centres, distributing them on a monthly, quarterly or six-monthly basis as required.

    Corporate Performance Management Software at Work

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