Risk Management

    Corporate Planner Risk helps you to take the right measures for controlling risks. Safeguard the future of your business.

    Systematic risk management

    Businesses need to take risks in order to survive in the market over the long term. Risks therefore represent danger, yet at the same time they are prerequisite for a business to succeed. Corporate Planner Risk guides you systematically through each of the steps in the risk management process as you identify, assess, analyse, communicate, control, monitor and document the risks affecting your business. The solution assists you in complying with the statutory requirements regarding risk management. You also help to increase the level of risk awareness throughout the company.

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    Qualitative und quantitative Risikoanalyse

    Analysing qualitative and quantitative risks

    With Corporate Planner Risk you can keep track of all kinds of risks. The organisational structure is clearly depicted in a tree structure in which you can easily find your way around. The solution makes it possible for you to evaluate risks of a qualitative nature in quantitative terms.

    Das Risikohandbuch als Kommunikationsmittel

    Using the risk manual as a means of communication

    You can create individual risk manuals for heads of department, their staff or an entire group almost effortlessly. With the risk manuals from Corporate Planner Risk you can ensure that regular communication takes place regarding risks and provide the executive management with a basis for discussing the strategic direction of the business.

    Corporate Planner Risk Brochure

    Corporate Planner Risk Brochure

    Corporate Planner Risk is the protective shield for your business. You systematically identify, observe, assess and monitor risks that could threaten the future of your business.

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