The all-in-one solution for digital corporate performance management

    Smart Planner provides executive managers, investors and supervisory bodies in medium-sized businesses with everything they need, from transparent data analysis to the accurate presentation of the figures.

    Everything you need. An extremely safe investment.

    We will take care of building the structures and train your staff. Start off with Smart Planner – the solution with built-in growth potential. As your business grows, the software will grow to fit: your software costs will be credited in full towards the next solution you purchase, so there's no risk to your investment.

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    Individual consulting

    Individual consultingWith our software, we won’t leave you to fend for yourself. We will provide support tailored to your needs. After all, we want your projects to run smoothly and succeed.

    Download Brochure Smart Planner

    Download Brochure Smart Planner

    Digital transformation is invariably accompanied by rapidly increasing volumes of data. Corporate performance management projects are becoming more and more
    complicated. New professions are emerging in the world of work. More and more resources are being used on merging data sources, analysing data and exploiting their potential.

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    No IT skills necessary

    You don’t need any IT know-how to use our solution. With the expertise from over 30 years of experience, we will train the staff in your departments. You can immediately launch smart self-service corporate performance management projects in which every value is easily explained and understood.

    Aus der Cloud: Immer und überall

    In the cloud: Any time, anywhere

    Smart Planner is provided as a service in the Corporate Planning cloud. We’ll carry out the installation and updates for you and keep everything running smoothly. With cloud access you can produce your reports any time and anywhere while paving the way for new working practices such as digital collaboration among staff and partners.


    Import data automatically

    The Corporate Planning software comes with over 250 integrations to all the major pre-systems that provide data for corporate performance management. The import procedure runs smoothly and automatically.

    Our software. Our service. Your success.

    We will help you to achieve your business objectives. Our consultants, Support team and partners are always on hand when you need us. We’ll make sure that no question goes unanswered and no problem unsolved.

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    Corporate Performance Management Software at Work

    What do the Corporate Planning software solutions achieve in practice? – Nobody's better placed to tell us than the companies working with it every day.
    Here's an overview of some of our customers' impressions.