Strategies and Benchmarks for Your Planning

    New findings on machine learning in corporate planning

    Are predictive planning, forecasting and machine learning impractical fantasies of software providers or tangible reality in your market environment? And even more importantly: Are you currently missing a relevant trend in finances or corporate performance management if you're not using any of these methods yet?

    A new survey of the Business Application Research Center (BARC) provides answers to these questions. The independent market analysts of BARC have examined the use of predictive algorithms and machine learning in corporate planning.
    The resulting survey uncovers the potential of predictive planning and forecasting, opposes planned and achieved benefits and details use cases, specific challenges and opportunities of predictive models in planning and forecasting.

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    Request the results of the topical survey "Predictive Planning and Forecasting on the Rise – Hype or Reality?"

    Highlights of the BARC Survey at a Glance

    BARC survey results


    27 percent of companies are already using predictive planning productively. Among large companies, it's even 35 percent.

    recipies for success

    Recipes for Success

    Learn what brings the most benefit. The data show that focused measures help more than individual actions.

    practical examples

    Practical examples

    Discover how companies of specific industries and individual departments are using predictive planning already today.

    action items

    Action items

    BARC experts reveal how you can align forecasting and planning with predictive planning with current and future requirements.

    About "BARC: Predictive Planning and Forecasting on the Rise – Hype or Reality?"

    BARC is one of Europe’s leading analyst firms for business software, focusing on the areas of data, business intelligence (BI) and analytics, enterprise content management (ECM), customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

    BARC has conducted the topical survey "Predictive Planning and Forecasting on the Rise – Hype or Reality?" between May and June 2022 as global online survey. A total of 295 persons participated, representing numerous different roles, industries and company sizes.

    Corporate Planning has supported the independent survey as Gold Sponsor and is happy to provide it to you free of charge.


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