Corporate Performance Management Software

The solution by Corporate Planning is an integrated business intelligence software package for planning, analysis, reporting and forecasting in corporate performance management and in finance.

Digitising business management

The CPM software by Corporate Planning ensures that the data are consistent and keeps the values flowing from the operational budgets through the integrated financial plan and on to the consolidated financial statement. It is based on the principle of the single point of truth, whereby each piece of information occurs only once within the system. It automatically transfers all the operational budgets to a comprehensive integrated financial plan.


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Report your performance with dashboards

Analyse and report your figures using modern management dashboards. Our corporate performance management software comes with features for planning, analysing and reporting the performance of your business. The dashboards are ideal for establishing and maintaining a continuous flow of information to all your staff.

Integrationen und Datenmanagement

Integrates into any system environment

Over 100 interfaces ensure that the CPM software by Corporate Planning imports all the relevant data from the existing back-office systems that you need for your corporate performance management tasks. Thanks to the automatic imports, you will save time and cut the risk of error to a minimum.

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Corporate Performance Management Software at Work

What do the Corporate Planning software solutions achieve in practice? Nobody's better placed to tell us than the companies working with it every day.
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