Die Kreisbaugruppe

What was your starting point?

Using our previous solutions involved a comparatively large amount of manual work. Variance analyses, ad-hoc evaluations, liquidity planning during the year and especially simulations were extremely complicated and time-consuming. So we had a look around for a more effective, adaptable system.

What were your highlights?

We now have a corporate performance management tool in which the actual data and, to some extent, the plan data from our ERP, budgeting, analyses and reporting are all integrated in one system. What’s particularly important for us is that we can adapt the corporate performance management system to suit our requirements ourselves whenever we wish.

What lessons have you learned?

Only professional corporate performance management can fulfil the ever-increasing demands of external and internal report users efficiently. For this, you need a professional corporate performance management system, but you also need adequate resources.


About Kreisbaugesellschaft 

Since 1949, Kreisbaugesellschaft Waiblingen mbH has stood for building modern, high-quality homes in line with demand and for dedication to property management together with the wide range of associated services.
Die Kreisbaugruppe

Industry: Real estate

Sites: Waiblingen (Germany)

Employees: 83

Solution(s): Finance Management, Consolidation, Operational Controlling

"With the Corporate Planning software, we create transparency. Different developments and changes of plan in our housing stock and in construction projects can be quickly modelled in scenarios and analysed. In this way, the integrated planning model enables real management."

Frank Junginger
Head of Division 2 Finance and Corporate Performance Management