Schönbrunn Group

    What was your starting point?

    We were working with a different budgeting program, which didn’t incorporate the actual data. When we made the changeover to Corporate Planner, we had three main objectives: to retain our existing budgeting process as far as possible while also integrating the actual figures, to generate a budget report automatically, and to create reports easily that could be retrieved using the existing management information system.

    What were the highlights?

    We had defined very specific goals for the changeover, in terms of budgeting as well as reporting. Corporate Planning has fulfilled all our requirements. We’re particularly pleased with the automation of the budget report in exactly the way we wanted and with the integration of the Corporate Planner reports in our management information system, so that even users who are unfamiliar with Corporate Planner can benefit.

    What lessons have you learned?

    Particularly in these times of crisis and uncertainty, we can see how important it is for financial controllers to be able to respond rapidly to changing circumstances. Corporate Planner provides us with a firm platform on which we can calculate different potential developments quickly and reliably and display these scenarios in a clear layout.


    About Schönbrunn Group

    With Schönbrunn Palace, the Vienna Furniture Museum, the Sisi Museum in the Vienna Hofburg and the Schloss Hof Estate, the Schönbrunn Group, which is registered as Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H., administers in the name of the Republic of Austria the foremost attractions of Austria’s Imperial heritage.
    Schönbrunn Group

    Industry: Service industry

    Sites: Vienna (Austria)

    Employees: 373

    Solution(s): Finance Management, Operational Controlling

    "Corporate Planner bridges the gap between our existing structures and state-of-the-art corporate performance management methods. The solution considerably increases the speed of reporting, planning and complex calculations."

    Dr. Alexander Keil
    Deputy Director