Three Questions for Senior Controller Mark Meinert

    What was your starting point? 
    The implementation of the Corporate Planning software was primarily to be seen in the context of setting up an integrated, valid and target-oriented corporate performance management system. Previously, we only carried out basic evaluations by processing our financial accounting data using Excel. However, with increasing demands on our business management, this was proving to be ineffective and inflexible. 

    What are your highlights? 
    The fundamental structure of the client and master relationships within the Corporate Planning software in particular guarantees advantages in efficiency. For instance, whenever a new account is introduced in the financial accounting system, we need only make a change at one place, in this case in the master, in which the chart of accounts is modelled. By updating the client-master relationship, all the related reports and analyses are adjusted automatically. This has resulted in considerable time savings and gains in validity. 

    What lessons have you learned? 
    The main learning effect for our company from introducing the Corporate Planning software has been "to take the time to customize this comprehensive tool and learn how to use it", as this pays off many times over – not least when it comes to simplifying our business planning and making it more flexible. 

    About SPOBIS 

    SPOBIS GmbH – Home of Sports Business – is a leading provider of b2b services in Europe's sports business. The company's mission is to connect people and share knowledge in order to get the best out of everyone in the sports business. For more than 25 years, the company has been helping clubs, leagues, associations, advertisers, agencies and service providers to operate successfully in professional sport. SPOBIS GmbH focuses on four business segments: SPOBIS Conference, SPOBIS Club, SPOBIS Content and SPOBIS Career. 


    Industry: Service industry

    Sites: Hamburg (Germany)

    Employees: 40

    Solution(s): Cost Management, Operational Management, Reporting and Analysis


    "With Corporate Planner, we can very quickly generate valid and reliable reports of a similar nature on a regular basis. This frees up time and space for the actual business segment analysis tasks in corporate performance management. Having used the CP software previously, we were already aware of its considerable advantages in efficiency when creating standard reports at cost centre level." 

    Mark Meinert, Senior Controller