STRÖER Dialog Group GmbH

    What was your starting point?

    Corporate acquisitions in 2018 meant that we had four new subsidiaries, each with different SQL servers, charts of accounts, cost centre structures, accounting entry structures, etc. Our aim was to unify all of this on one platform under the same assumptions and thus to obtain a uniform view of the financial position as a group. With the CP cloud solution, we succeeded in this. All we needed to do was let the users have the CP link, and they could get to work straight away.

    What were the highlights?

    The collaboration between CP as the service provider and the integrator Saxess was a real highlight – the expertise we needed was gathered quickly. The cloud solution itself was up and running within a matter of hours – all the more convenient for us. We were able to get started straight away, regardless of the various networks and structures in which our staff work. The system itself scores highly with its smart structure that helps to present figures in a transparent format.

    What lessons have you learned?

    When making software investments at a medium-sized business, you always need to decide what is more important: flexibility or fixed structures. We decided in favour of a solution that comes with ready-made financial structures. We needn’t teach the program how to calculate cash flows as the product already has a cash flow structure and accounts, so all we need to do is get our data in there and then get down to work.

    About STRÖER Dialog Group GmbH

    The STRÖER Group has been providing services relating to dialogue and direct marketing for over 40 years. The specialist in telesales, telemarketing and field sales makes over 134 million customer contacts per year.

    STRÖER Dialog Group GmbH

    Industry: Service industry

    Sites: Germany

    Employees: 9100

    Solution(s): Finance Management, Consolidation, Operational Controlling

    "It used to take us 10 working days to prepare the figures for group regulatory reports. With the solution Corporate Planner it now only takes us one day at the most."

    Samuel Schössel
    Head of Controlling