Düker Email Technologie GmbH

    What was your starting point?

    Our planning and our reporting system in Excel had led to a great many tables and links that could only be altered with specific know-how that only certain employees possessed. The solutions used up to that point were prone to error and difficult for outsiders to understand.

    What were your highlights?

    One highlight is the integrated financial plan with sales planning, P&L planning, balance sheet planning and cash flow planning. Another is the tree structure, which provides quick navigation and information transparency. The software also stands out because of its good connectivity options for external data via standardized interfaces and its highly sophisticated access rights management with data protection.

    What lessons have you learned?

    A well-thought-out design and specification at the start of a project usually saves a lot of work on additions or adjustments later.

    About Düker Email Technologie GmbH

    Düker Email Technologie GmbH develops, manufactures and sells enamelled steel parts for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry worldwide. The core competencies of the medium-sized business based in Laufach, near Aschaffenburg in Bavaria, are the high-tech processes of enamelling and welding the various products. The product range extends from steel pipe parts, fittings and bottom outlet valves through to columns. The standard range is supplemented by special designs and service packages for engineering, procurement, assembly and maintenance.

    Düker Email Technologie GmbH

    Industry: Manufacturing industry

    Sites: Laufach (Germany)

    Employees: 50

    Solution(s): Finance Management, Liquidity Management, Operational Controlling

    "The Corporate Planner software allows us to implement individual requests and requirements promptly and efficiently using ready-made business administration models."

    Jürgen Schubert
    Commercial Director, Authorized Signatory