Herkules-Resotec Elektronik GmbH

    Questions for Managing Director  Ulrich Jonas

    What was your starting point? 
    We did most of our planning in Excel. Generating the liquidity plans was always extremely complicated. The budgeted values had to be entered in our financial accounting system, and target-actual comparisons were used for monitoring. 

    What are your highlights? 
    The interface to our accounting system, as well as being able to work with a forecast and several planning data streams. The management of fixed assets and financial resources also deserves special mention. 


    About Herkules-Resotec  

    Herkules-Resotec develops, programs and manufactures customized solutions for OEM and series products. These solutions range from sophisticated lighting assemblies for the automotive industry to complex microprocessor control for mechanical and plant engineering. Behind every service and every product there is one unifying principle: to translate the customer's ideas and wishes into functional and absolutely reliable technology. And it works – with innovation, professionalism and high quality. 


    Herkules-Resotec Elektronik GmbH

    Industry: Manufacturing industry

    Sites: Baunatal (Germany)

    Employees: 75

    Solution(s): Financial Planning, Cost Management, Liquidity Management


    "Thanks to the integrated financial plan, we can clearly visualize a variety of scenarios. In these times of extreme economic volatility, the cash flow display is particularly important." 

     Ulrich Jonas, Managing Director, CFO