SIROCCO Luft- und Umwelttechnik GmbH

    What was your starting point?

    Before we introduced Corporate Planner, we had a large, time-consuming reporting system that had evolved through several different Excel tools over the years and involved a correspondingly large amount of maintenance work. 

    What were your highlights?

    Through preconfigured interfaces to source systems, we receive figures from our headquarters as well as our subsidiary in Poland, updated every day at the touch of a button. In addition, we can analyse our business model flexibly from various perspectives and levels, such as that of the consolidated entity, by individual company, by business segment or by cost centre, while also keeping an eye on the cash flow plan. Individual reports can be created very quickly.

    What lessons have you learned?

    Investing enough time and energy in the initial development of the data model has certainly paid off. We now have a central corporate performance management and reporting tool that depicts our business model from a variety of perspectives. This tool enables us to identify variances and trends quickly and easily.


    About SIROCCO Luft- und Umwelttechnik GmbH

    SIROCCO is the expert in air and heat engineering in the process industry as well as in ventilation and smoke extraction in tunnelling. For over 100 years, SIROCCO has been one of the leading companies in the fields of industrial air engineering, heat transmission, tunnel ventilation and smoke extraction. With comprehensive know-how, many years of experience in diverse sectors, state-of-the-art engineering and design tools, and wide-ranging expertise in manufacturing, the company is able to meet the high expectations of its clients.

    Today, as part of the SCHAKO Group and with sites in Austria and Poland, SIROCCO is an ideal partner offering the following products, systems and services:

    • fans, systems and components for industrial plant construction
    • control and shut-off dampers for the process industry, mining and ventilation systems
    • heat exchangers and cooling units for industrial processes and heat recovery
    • smoke extraction and ventilation louver dampers for road and railway tunnels
    • ventilation and fire dampers for underground stations
    SIROCCO Luft- und Umwelttechnik GmbH

    Industry: Manufacturing industry

    Sites: Vienna (Austria)

    Employees: 95

    Solution(s): Finance Management, Operational Controlling

    "Since we've been using Corporate Planner for reporting at SIROCCO, we no longer have to create our reports manually. Instead, we can put the scarce resource of working time to efficient use in interpreting the analysis figures and variances and in preparing recommendations for action. In addition, Corporate Planner Finance provides us with an automated integrated financial plan that we can review every month, which allows us not only to keep our profitability in focus, but our financing and liquidity as well."

    Friedrich Goldstein
    Commercial Director