Steinbacher Dämmstoff GmbH

    Steinbacher Dämmstoffe, a family business based in the village of Erpfendorf in the Kitzbühel district of Austria that has strong regional roots, was founded in 1962 and is now one of the three leading manufacturers of insulation materials in Austria. The problem-solver for all issues related to building insulation is a one-stop shop for all-round insulation expertise. Approximately 320 employees at the Erpfendorf site guarantee the highest standards of quality across all segments. Steinbacher – which has been named by WirtschaftsBlatt as Tyrol’s best family business – also has international operations with production sites in Poland and Germany. The Tyrol insulation specialist’s export ratio is approximately 45%. All Steinbacher products are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to protect the climate and environment. With ongoing investment in modern sites, sustainable product innovations and the continuing professional development of its staff, Steinbacher is keeping itself fit for the future as a forward-thinking family insulation business.
    Steinbacher Dämmstoff GmbH

    Industry: Manufacturing industry

    Sites: Erpfendorf (Austria)

    Employees: 320

    Solution(s): Operational Controlling

    "Corporate Planner makes it easy for us to present the relevant data from our back-office systems clearly."

    Thomas Bevc
    Production Manager