Caritasverband Ostvest e.V.

    About Caritasverband Ostvest e.V.
    Caritas is an expression of the life and essence of the Catholic church. Its mission is to protect people's dignity, to support them in their individual circumstances and difficulties, to promote coexistence in solidarity and to advocate for a life in freedom, justice and peace.
    Caritasverband Ostvest e.V. employs over 550 full-time staff. In the field of open social services it is involved in youth welfare and schools, the promotion of inclusion, social work, addiction counselling, and integration and migration work. Its Health in Old Age division offers day care and semi-residential care as well as counselling services for senior citizens. At its not-for-profit youth workshop Haltern am See GmbH, 100 employees work in various labour market integration projects. 500 helpers support the work of Caritasverband Ostvest e.V. on a voluntary basis.
    Caritasverband Ostvest e.V.

    Industry: Health and social care

    Sites: Datteln (North Rhine-Westphalia)

    Employees: 550

    Solution(s): Cost Management, Operational Management

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