About Zentrum ÜBERLEBEN gGmbH

    Zentrum ÜBERLEBEN, formerly bzfo e.V. (the Berlin Centre for Torture Victims), has been supporting survivors of torture and wartime violence domestically and internationally for more than 30 years. Men, women and children from around 50 countries – current hot spots being Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Eritrea, Somalia and Turkey – come to the organization to seek help. At Zentrum ÜBERLEBEN, clients receive medical care, psychotherapy, support from social workers and help with the integration process. To overcome language barriers in the intercultural counselling and treatment setting, the organization works with specially trained interpreters. In addition to the rehabilitation of traumatized refugees, the organization focuses on the integration and professional qualification of people with diverse experiences as refugees and migrants and on enabling them to participate in society. This wide range of services for about 600 patients, around 900 clients and more than 100 pupils is made possible by donors, sponsors and public-sector funding. The work of the Berlin Centre for Torture Victims, which was founded in 1992, has been continued at Zentrum ÜBERLEBEN gGmbH since 2016.  

    Zentrum ÜBERLEBEN gGmbH

    Industry: Health and social care

    Sites: Berlin (Germany)

    Employees: 130

    Solution(s): Operational Controlling, Financial Controlling


    "The interdisciplinary nature of our organization means that in both our financial planning and our operational performance management it's essential that we address specifics and different types of financing. The Corporate Planning software helps us to keep track of our P&L, balance sheet and cash flow while also providing departmental and project-related evaluations and recording KPIs, whereby its scope and user-friendliness extend far beyond the limits of Excel and other source systems.

    Kevin Petersen, Projektmanagement / Controlling