AWO Psychiatriezentrum

    What problems has the software solved?

    AWO Psychiatriezentrum has been working with Corporate Planner since 2008. Our business structures have continued to grow over the years, so large tree structures for our organisation’s various business divisions have evolved in Corporate Planner since then. We didn’t have an integration to the pre-systems.

    With the large number of pre-systems involved and the different requirements of the import structure, preparing the annual budget and the monthly actual figures to be imported to Corporate Planner was a rather time-consuming process. The import files needed to be edited manually, which meant that errors could easily slip in.

    An interface to our financial management and accounting software, Diamant 3/IQ, has now been created with the CP-Connectivity Express integration (CP-CE). This has given us direct access to our financial and cost accounting data, and thus considerably reduced the amount of manual editing and import preparation to be carried out. By eliminating all this manual work, we have saved an estimated ten working days per year. The automated data transfer from the pre-system has also eliminated many of the sources of error that existed when the underlying data were prepared for import manually.

    What has been the greatest benefit from using the software?

    Importing the data automatically has saved us ten days’ work per year. It has also reduced the risk of errors, commonly associated with manual imports, to a minimum. By running an import every day, we can now respond to ad-hoc queries a lot more quickly. With the automated imports, the data can be imported to Corporate Planner and analysed day by day. In addition, with CP-CE, a drill-down to the accounting entries in the pre-system can now be carried out. We can now analyse the data in Corporate Planner rather than in the pre-system.

    How do you find the handling of the software?

    The handling of the software is very straightforward. Except for one structure file, the cost allocation tree, the software doesn’t need any maintenance work. New accounts are automatically identified and added on the basis of the import key.

    How did you find the process of adding more solutions?

    Throughout the implementation stage, I found that the collaboration, mostly with saxess-software GmbH, was highly professional. Our project exceeded the scope of the standard integration, so it took about half a year for the integration to be fully implemented and up and running.
    AWO Psychiatriezentrum

    Industry: Health and social care

    Sites: Königslutter (Germany)

    Employees: 1050

    Solution(s): Operational Controlling

    "Importing the data automatically has saved us ten days' work per year. It has also reduced the risk of errors, commonly associated with manual imports, to a minimum."

    Marius Schachta