FRÖBEL Bildung und Erziehung

    Three Questions for Kay Kluger

    What was your starting point? 
    Before we introduced Corporate Planner, we did our reporting and budgeting entirely in Excel, which had a high potential for error.  

    What are your highlights? 
    The automated data import has replaced the manual procedure, so the risk of error has been significantly reduced. Thanks to the daily import, we can now respond more quickly to ad-hoc enquiries.   

    What lessons have you learned? 
    Our day-to-day work benefits from the speed at which we create transparency across departments. We can expand the reports individually for each manager when required. However, it's important to think about structures beforehand and to check whether they make sense.  

    About FRÖBEL Bildung und Erziehung gGmbH 

    FRÖBEL is Germany's largest nationwide not-for-profit provider of children's day care facilities. Through FRÖBEL Bildung und Erziehung gGmbH, its not-for-profit subsidiary, FRÖBEL e.V. currently operates more than 237 creches, kindergartens and after-school clubs as well as other childcare facilities in twelve of Germany's federal states. About 5,400 employees work together to provide education and care for around 21,000 children. They are responsible for a society in which all children have equal opportunities. Their teaching work actively promotes the children's development and self-education processes. In FRÖBEL, families, local authorities and companies have a partner that provides professional, flexible support that is tailored to their needs. The international FRÖBEL portfolio, which is held through FRÖBEL International GmbH, also includes kindergartens in Australia. 

    FRÖBEL Bildung und Erziehung

    Industry: Health and social care

    Sites: Berlin (Germany)

    Employees: 5400

    Solution(s): Finance Management, Investments Management, Cost Management, Operational Management, HR Management

    "Thanks to Corporate Planning, we can display our financing models, which vary throughout the country, in a consolidated and scalable form in one solution. The uniform tree structure optimizes our planning, the drilldown function provides a quick insight into our financial accounting data, and the automated data import saves time and improves data quality in comparison with Excel." 

    Kay Kluger, Corporate Performance Management / Project Management