Lebenshilfe Lüneburg-Harburg

    What was your starting point?
    Before we introduced the Corporate Planning software, we used to plan more than a hundred cost centres in Excel. This was an extremely lengthy process and errors slipped in easily, particularly during consolidation. It was the same with the occupancy figures and performance data, which were also entered manually in Excel.
    What are your highlights?
    For our monthly reporting with more than 100 individual reports, including summaries and integrated P&L, balance sheet and liquidity reports, we now only need one or two working days. Changes in the data are updated automatically during import.
    In bottom-up planning, the tree structure ensures that all the individual plans are aggregated at company level. Individual cost items can be altered from the top down, in percentage terms, say, for all the individual plans. That's incredibly efficient. The simulation functions when planning scenarios and the time slider for flexibly adjusting the time spans are very helpful too.
    What lessons have you learned?
    Good data quality in the source systems is prerequisite for effective corporate performance management. It's also well worth putting time into building the structures and creating the import definitions as this will save you a lot of work later on.
    About Lebenshilfe Lüneburg-Harburg

    Lebenshilfe Lüneburg-Harburg gemeinnützige GmbH is a modern, multifaceted service provider offering mobile early years education, kindergartens and creches, living arrangements, leisure activities, a wide range of walk-in services, work, occupation and vocational training. Over 2,100 people with and without disabilities use our facilities and services. Lebenshilfe Lüneburg-Harburg's mission is to create a suitable living environment for people with disabilities, to accompany and support them – from the beginning of their lives right up until old age. Over 950 full-time employees dedicate themselves to this cause on a daily basis at 41 locations in the districts of Harburg and Lüneburg.

    Lebenshilfe Lüneburg-Harburg

    Industry: Health and social care

    Sites: Lüneburg (Lower Saxony)

    Employees: 963

    Solution(s): Financial Planning, Cost Management, Operational Management, HR Management

    "Corporate Planner makes planning, analysis and reporting extremely efficient and flexible. The automated data import from the source systems runs at the touch of a button, so we can access all the current data reliably and without delay."
    Dorit Winter
    Financial Controller