DR. KADE Pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH

    What problems has the software solved?

    Corporate Planner has helped us to redesign our business structures to be clear and transparent and to implement them in analytical models. This structure was particularly helpful in defining a meaningful contribution margin analysis and again in sales planning, as well as in the ongoing analysis and explanation of the result against the assumptions made in the plan.

    What specific challenges do you encounter in your industry, and what support does the software provide?

    In a medium-sized manufacturing company covering the entire supply chain, Corporate Planner is particularly helpful when it comes to bringing transparency to what are often long chains of cause and effect and for seeing the impact of these on our bottom line. This puts us in a better position to deal with cost and competitive pressures and to identify areas where there may be room for improvement.

    What has been the greatest benefit from using the software?

    Working with Corporate Planner has enabled us – after a certain period of familiarisation – to concentrate much more on the key issues, since the structure, once built, hardly needs to be checked for plausibility. The CP database has taken the place of vast quantities of error-prone Excel sheets and has been extremely helpful to us in implementing automations and eradicating errors so that we can use our time for more productive project work.

    What processes and structures can you now depict, and how?

    In Corporate Planner, we depict models for sales planning, cost centre planning, marketing cost planning and cost allocations for contribution margin analysis. We use CP-Finance for balance sheet and cash flow planning. A large part of our reporting is substantially based on the data provided in Corporate Planner.

    How do you find the handling of the software?

    Corporate Planner is an intuitive and versatile software for depicting structures in the business – above all it has made planning much simpler for us, while sources of error can be rapidly eliminated once and for all. CP-Finance, too, has helped us to redesign our underlying structures with a view to planning the balance sheet and cash flow. However, CP-Finance is not quite so easy to handle as Corporate Planner OC, so we still encounter problems here and there that we cannot resolve quickly by ourselves.

    How did you find the process of adding more solutions?

    We introduced Corporate Planner and CP-Finance at the same time, so I couldn’t say. We have not added any more solutions since then because Corporate Planner and CP-Finance are quite sufficient for our purposes.
    DR. KADE Pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH

    Industry: Health and social care

    Sites: Berlin (Germany)

    Employees: 430

    Solution(s): Finance Management, Operational Controlling

    "Corporate Planner has helped us to design our business structures to be clear and transparent and to implement them in analytical models."

    Florian Schmid
    Head of Corporate Performance Management